Home Entertainment Hannah Waddingham’s New Campy Christmas Special (Exclusive).

Hannah Waddingham’s New Campy Christmas Special (Exclusive).

Hannah Waddingham’s New Campy Christmas Special (Exclusive).

After singing and appearing in a special Christmas, Ted Lasso Hannah Waddingham stars in her own Christmas extravaganza.

Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas The actor was reunited with friends and fellow cast members through holiday music. Waddingham says that, as the Christmas season is known as a time of campiness and hilarity, she had an audience in mind.

Tracy E. Gilchrist, a reporter for the New York Times, recently asked the actor about the unprecedented anti-LGBTQ+ laws being passed and introduced across the nation. Equal Entertainment She wanted “her holiday special to be a celebration of the LGBTQ Community.”

Hannah Waddingham reveals her hilarious Christmas special

Waddingham says, “I share a similar spirit with the entire LGBTQ community.” “I find there is something about people whose desire in life to be who they are is suppressed by others — I find it utterly appalling — and I want to do anything that I can to highlight the beauty of the souls that I have around me from the LGBTQ community.”

Waddingham says that while Christmas is full-on camp, that’s not all she has to offer. The actor, who is a lifelong supporter of the London Gay Men’s Chorus, says that she “needed…

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