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Pickles in Blankets: Give Pigs a Rest

Pickles in Blankets: Give Pigs a Rest

As a writer of food, I enjoy the grandeur of a Thanksgiving meal. As a human garbage can with the dietary pickiness of a goat, I love the grazing culture of a New Year’s Eve party—specifically, salty snacks, like pigs in a blanket. This year, as you unleash pastry from its pressurized tubes, I’m suggesting a delightful twist on this classic New Year’s nosh. Pickles in a blanket is a great way to take a break from your piggies. 

The pigs in a blanket works because the little hot dogs contain concentrated amounts of umami, salt and fat. Wrap them in strips of buttery pastry and you’ve got doubly rich, hand-held bites that pair well with a beer. They’re great, but all that salt and fat can get overwhelming. 

Replace the mini weenies with crunchy wee gherkins. The acidity and light crunch of a kosher dill play well with the rich texture and soft texture of the pastry dough in this vegan snack.

Cooking pickles, usually served cold and dripping brine is an excellent technique. You might be familiar with the fact that pickles are usually served chilled and dripping in brine. However, cooking pickles is a fantastic technique. Roasting other pickled vegetablesThe time in the oven dries out the excess water, and intensifies the flavor of the spices. The sharpness…

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