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Garlic Scape Butter Recipe

Garlic Scape Butter Recipe

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I’ve finally created the The perfect recipe for garlic butter Use fresh herbs from the garden, along with seasonings and citrus.

Compound butter can be made easily and is not just for fancy dinners.

When you melt the butter, it instantly becomes a creamy garlic scape sauce that can be melted on top of steak, seafood or pasta.

Today I will Garlic scapes are immune-boosting. How to use them in recipes.

How to make fresh garlic scapes butter

If you’re a gardener or have a friend who grows garlic in Ontario, you should cut the scapes in late spring or early in summer.

We had so many scapes that we gave the scapes away for free to friends, who had never used them.

They LOVED the results.

What are Scapes?

Parts of a garlic scape diagram photo
Diagram of the parts of a scape photo

Garlic farmers don’t have use for the scapes because they must be removed from the plants.

The curly garlic or scapes is the first tender shoot that will eventually turn into Bulben.

Bulbil is the plant that grows when the scapes are mature. It is also called a clone.

Bulbuls are small plants that reproduce vegetatively.

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