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The Best Gifts to Buy for Teens

The Best Gifts to Buy for Teens

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The Best Gift Ideas For Teenagers And Tweens

The task of shopping for a tween can be challenging. After all, they’re not usually into toys anymore, and toys are so easy to buy!

Gift cards are great, but they’re also pretty boring to give. With these cheap gift ideas, you can show off your gift-giving skills to your teen. You are sure to find some thought provoking ideas that don’t all center around technology.

Look at these Frugal Ideas for Gifts for Tweens & Teens.

Gifts Below $5

Gifts under $5 for Tweens and Teens

Hand Warmers – Cold hands are the worst!

eos Lip Balm – Lip Balm, but a bit more fancy.

Dehydrated marshmallows for Hot Chocolate – What a delicious stocking stuffer!

Lip Smackers – A fun new lip balm is, well, fun!

Mud Masks – These types of masks are a huge hit with my 11 year old.

Eyeshadow – A new eyeshadow is always a good idea.

Gum – I really like PUR Gum because it uses xylitol to sweeten it. My dentist told me that xylitol could help prevent cavities! There are also many different flavors.

Sketchbook – For the one who loves to doodle…

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