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Financial Impact of Caring for A Handicapped Child

Financial Impact of Caring for A Handicapped Child

There are many issues that families face when caring for a child with a disability.

Today, I’m sharing a story from long-time CBB readers Dave and MaureenThey share their journey with us.

Their courageous and heartfelt story is just in time for many reasons to be thankful.

Financial Impact Of Caring For A Handicapped Child.

I received a call early Friday morning confirming that my $10,000 cheque An insurance policy that was due would be in my bank account by Monday.

I got a call from our daughter’s group home Friday afternoon with more news.

KBG Syndrome has been identified in our daughter. It causes the gums and teeth to recede.

If the gums recede to far, the roots of your teeth will be exposed, causing pain.

It is Surgery for skin grafting They can do it. It is not covered under any government plan.

The estimated cost of grafting surgery is approximately $10,000.

Costs Involved With Our Daughter’s Group Home

Our daughter is currently living in a group home, where she is happy and well taken care of.

Canada has different funding for group homes, while our daughter receives government-funded personal care.

She receives a government pension Around $900 Monthly, covering rent, utilities…

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