Home DIY Fall bedding refresh (with matching pjs!)

Fall bedding refresh (with matching pjs!)

Fall bedding refresh (with matching pjs!)

If you recall, we have this ongoing partnership with Spoonflower where every season we switch out Jasper’s room with new bedding (here’s our spring/summer). I’ve been looking forward to this since January when we first discussed the project because I love the idea of transformation and marking the turning of each season with something visual. I also love the idea that bedding can totally change the vibe of a whole room. I was initially worried about how much it could really change considering he has this huge yellow bed–really how much can you do? Turns out a lot! Let’s dive into the fall bedding refresh.

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For fall, I wanted to try out a boy’s room and a girl’s room again, you know, for the girl I don’t have. I really wanted to tap into the autumn vibes with some colors of the season–those rusty reds, burnt oranges, bright yellows–without making it scream “Hi, my name is fall”. Of course, I heavily considered a Halloween theme, but I wanted to get a bit more mileage out of it and have it last the whole season. Nevermind that I literally…

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