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Exclusive: Kalen Alle hosts his podcast with Ricki lake


Kalen Allen is taking talk show to a whole new level. His appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres ShowAllen is now the host for his own television show. RickiTogether with Ricki Lake, a television alumnus, he hosts the show.

Advocate Now | Kalen Allen

Lake’s series made an impression almost 30 years ago. The Ricki Lake ShowAllen admitted that he had never watched an episode and only knew Lake from her role in the beloved musical. Hairspray.

“What’s great? [the podcast] It’s that we can go back in time and re-watch episodes to learn more about the making of The Ricki Lake ShowAllen tells Sonia Baghdady: Make an appointment now. “And it’s like I get to feel it for the first-time, and it’s such a neat method to tap into nostalgia.”

For RickiAllen and Lake have been watching the old episodes to analyze their content and to shine a light on the times they most remember. Allen, a resident Gen Z perspective, views the show through an entirely new lens.

“I have no recollection about the show. “So for me, it’s a show that I approach with a more critical eye to what’s going on,” he says. “I examine it to determine if it is outdated. I take apart different topics being discussed and I then compare it with other topics.

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