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Exclusive: Anya Taylor Joy Unpacks the Elitism of The Menu


New blockbuster The Menu Recently, theaters were filled with powerful, progressive messages that left audiences wanting to chew them.

The film features a young couple visiting an exclusive restaurant on a private Island where a celebrated chef has prepared an extravagant dinner and some surprising surprises.

The cast of The Menu Tracy E. Gilchrist was recently informed Advocate Today About the politics behind the movie and why it was important that it be framed around food.

Food is essential for everyone. Aimee Carrero plays Felicity and explains that everyone needs food. It’s become so expensive that it’s only allowed to be enjoyed by a few. It’s so out of fashion for the majority. It was smart to put this message on the backs of eating, as we all need to eat. So even the most basic need can be made more affordable.


John Leguizamo states, “The entire movie is kinda about elite athleteism and snobbery.” “It’s about keeping people outside.”

Anya Taylor-Joy (Margot Mils), star of the film, believes that The Menu This film captures the struggle between upper and lower classes in society.

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