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Rainbow Railroad CEO: Escape from LGBTQ+ Persecution at Home and Abroad


Rainbow Railroad has been a vital resource for LGBTQ+ fleeing persecution overseas. The non-profit has now shifted its focus to the home front amid a wave anti-queer legislation in America.

Rainbow Railroad is well-known for its work in relocating LGBTQ+ persons from dangerous locations around the world. Tracy E. Gilchrist was recently told by Kamali Powell, CEO. Advocate Today What resources they have for queer people in the United States, such as their recent literacy festival which featured LGBTQ+ authors and stories.

Helping LGBTQ+ People Escape Oppression And Persecution | Advocate Today

Powell states, “We have been able to assist hundreds of people now.” “Rainbow Road helped 400 people move from all over the globe last year in 2022, and provided support for nearly 2000 more.”

Communities across the country are worried about their civil rights’ future because of recent anti-LGBTQ+ laws. Powell believes that some Americans have sought relocation abroad because of bans on visibility and queer health care.

“One amazing fact is that the United States where Rainbow Railroad is located, received within the top 10 of requests for aid in 2022,” he explained. “There were tons of U.S. citizens…

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