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Have I just gotten a new job?

Have I just gotten a new job?

I read somewhere recently that no matter what stage of life you’re in, making a little money helps fulfill you even if you’re retired or don’t even need the money.

And as we settle better into WifeFI here I’m realizing just how true this may be!

A good friend asked me if I would help him with a few projects at the new board game publisher he had just joined. He came recently on Board We try to get each other involved in our new ventures, even if they are completely unrelated to what we do! I couldn’t tell you jack about the gaming world except that of course Monopoly is the undisputed G.O.A.T of all time (don’t @ me!).

But it’s been a blast so far, and true to that tidbit above, I’ve been very much enjoying the extra income as well. It’s hard to explain it exactly, but it’s a different You can also find out more about the kind of person you are by clicking here. It is the feeling of being productive. It’s a job that is different from a 9-5, or even part-time, but it’s not as rewarding as being a Stay at Home Daddy or volunteering (which, ironically, neither pays, and one actually costs money). But it does add a nice varied strand of productiveness that I didn’t notice was missing…

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