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Do I have to quit my job now?!

Do I have to quit my job now?!

Whelp! The Universe gives and the Universe takes away 😂

53 days* into my new board game job and I’m already fired and not working there anymore, lol… It’s not that I was fired because I did something wrong, but rather, it is more likely to be due to my friend quitting who hired me, so I am also being let go.

We were literally just about to launch the first community campaign that I had spent more than 20 hours working on! It was supposed to go live in TWO DAYS and now it’s frozen in time never ever to be enjoyed, argh… They say they might still run with it later, but I doubt it. It was such a fun way to introduce their game’s characters to the world though so I hope they do. What a waste to spend money on my brain and not use its amazing output! 😁

Speaking of which, here’s the total amount I got paid during my short stint along with all the hours worked:

  • Total hours worked 61
  • Earned Total: $3,355

(That’s $55/hr for anyone who was just about to calculate it 😉 I typically charge $100/hr, but when it’s a longer-term project or a friend/family is involved I heavily discount it for the first little bit…)

But it’s still not bad, is it? Some extra money and some…

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