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CP Exclusive: Austin Butler’s Learnings from Elvis


Austin Butler, the King of Rock ‘n roll finally has a biopic. All shaken up It.

Baz Lurhmann’s “Elvis” stars Butler as Elvis Presley. Tom Hanks plays Colonel Tom Parker. The film’s opening weekend was a huge success and put Butler and his performance in the spotlight. Rachel Smith, Advocate Channel Las Vegas correspondent, spoke exclusively to Butler about how he has managed to stay grounded in the face of his success.

Butler explained, “I’ve been trying take those silent minutes, just really appreciate where right now is,” “I feel so thankful.”

To widely positive reviews, “Elvis” was premiered on June 24, to wide acclaim. As the third weekend of “Elvis” draws to a close it is getting closer to breaking $100million domestically.

It wasn’t only the film that was loved by audiences. Butler was also there, as well as the Presley Family. They praised the film’s “honoring” of the musician’s life. He explained that this was the most nerve-wracking scene.

“I put all I had into it, then I’m sitting here in the theatre the first time and thinking, ‘I don’t understand how this is going to turn out.’ I am so proud of the…

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