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Copycat Nesquick Chocolate Syrup

Copycat Nesquick Chocolate Syrup

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We set out to create a cheap copy of Nesquick Chocolate Syrup Our son is satisfied.

Saving money on groceries is a priority in our family, and one product we could replicate was our son’s favorite, Nesquick Chocolate Syrup.

It’s not the exact recipe, but it was close enough that even our picky son couldn’t tell the difference.

Once we handed him his morning coffee, hot milk, and chocolate syrup, we crossed our fingers he’d drink it.

Sure enough, it went down without a hitch, and we’re in the savings.

Copycat Nesquick Chocolate Syrup Recipe

Homemade Chocolate Syrup

Our son wanted homemade Nesquick syrup for three reasons.

  • Save money on your grocery bill.
  • Ingredient Control.
  • Quality Ingredients

In most cases, the manufacturers of the products sold at grocery stores use the lowest-quality products to make the most money.

Shrinkflation is on the rise and consumers can now get smaller products or recipes using less expensive ingredients.

The ingredient list is essential for all purchases.

Although not every product you purchase will be “healthy,” it’s important…

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