Home Entertainment Bailey Spinn on 'Romance Is Dead,' Coming Out & More

Bailey Spinn on 'Romance Is Dead,' Coming Out & More

Bailey Spinn on 'Romance Is Dead,' Coming Out & More

Bailey Spinn is making her mark in the music industry as a singer-performer.

Bailey Spinn On ‘Romance Is Dead,’ Coming Out As Pansexual & More

Spinn, who began her career in TikTok has now branched into music and released her debut song “Romance Is Dead.” Spinn, a member the LGBTQ+ community wanted to make sure that her audience could relate to and feel included in the song.

Sonia Baghdady reports that she says, “I listen to many songs and I try to relate to them. But there is something about them I cannot relate to because I am always interested in other people.” Advocate Now. “And by putting the gender pronouns there, you kind of block off a part the audience from being in a position to relate to this song. … I felt it was important to leave them out.”

Spinn realized, after taking this path, that a higher education was not right for her. Spinn, at the insistence of her manager and after her first year of college, dropped out to pursue TikTok. She says it was a difficult decision.

Spinn’s parents were “really scared” when she told them that she had dropped out of college because everyone else in her family has finished. She has a new career now ,…

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