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Ankle tie espadrille pattern

Ankle tie espadrille pattern

You can make your espadrilles yourself! When I discovered this, my mind was blown. It’s like finding Narnia–think of all the amazing shoes you can make with just a quarter of a yard! Are you also on the floor? All you have to do is get the soles (and of course I’ll tell you where), download our pattern(s), find a cool fabric fabric, and start. We a twist on the traditional silhouette and created an ankle tie espadrille pattern–because life is always better with a bow.

What are espadrilles, exactly?

Espadrilles are the perfect way to complete your summer outfit. The quintessential sandals of summer are ideal for an afternoon picnic or a stroll on the beach. Their comfiness and casual-chic vibe have made them a popular shoe in Spain for nearly 4,000 years and we can totally see why (I mean if something ain’t broke, why fix it?). Made of a Spanish native grass called esparto the iconic espadrille is both functional and comfortable.

The Spanish have loved these shoes literally for thousands of years. DIY espadrilles is also a great way to have fun.

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