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A New Project To Say “Thank You.”

A New Project To Say “Thank You.”

Hello friends!!

Happy New Years!! It’s nice to see so many of you at the gyms and yoga studios and veggie aisles these days 🙂 Everyone’s so energized and motivated – be sure to do whatever it takes to KEEP UP WITH IT!

Remember – even if you fail one day or two (or two hundred days), it doesn’t matter – it’s literally in the past. It’s what you DO TODAY that counts! Go out and try it again! A record of “1” in a row is better than a record of “none” in a row. #TRUTHBOMB

** Awkward transition **

Did I ever tell you that my bestie and I recently created a new venture? By the way, ????????????, I mean almost a year ago but I keep forgetting to tell you about it because I just poured over my archives here and can’t find a mention of it anywhere?? 😉

Yup, my boy Nate St. Pierre and I devised it* late one night on a rare visit together (we’ve been internet besties for around 14 years now but only see each other in real life maybe once every few years!) We built it the next morning and launched it into the world.

Though for once it’s a project not actually meant for the *world*, but for a specific *person* We are grateful to all those who have made our day.

It’s called, I Met You Today, and the concept is simple:

  1. When one of us encounters someone…

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