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A Gentle Reminder to Anyone Who’s Struggling This Holiday Season


“It’s okay to want to be alone. It’s okay to take time for yourself.” ~Kate Allan

It’s the holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year, they say, but it’s not for all of us. The holidays can be a difficult time for those who are dealing with loss, divorce, loneliness, financial difficulties or other health issues.

Holidays can make it feel like we are being cast out in the cold. As if we were forced to see through the window of a happy, loving home.

Many people feel the need to have more time with loved ones or support family members. We are often swept up in memories of past holidays or lost in fantasies about the holiday experience if we had a different kind of life.

We feel pressured to conceal our problems, bake a few cookies, dress up in a cheerful smile and wear ugly Christmas sweaters, and then go to work for the holiday party. We smile, engage in small talk and try to avoid the topic of what we are doing during the holidays.

These events can make us feel completely depleted. We spend money on gifts that are required for our coworkers or friends.

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