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6 ways to turbocharge your savings

6 ways to turbocharge your savings


Here are a handful of things I do/did that’s really impacted our finances over the years…

Check ’em out and see if any of them are worth testing out!


Rounding up debt payments — Whatever your monthly payment is, just roundup to the nearest $10th and kill off a little extra debt without even noticing it! This is great for credit cards, car loans, and mortgages. Or if you really want to step up your game – round up to the nearest $100th! We’ve probably shaved off at least a year or two of payments doing this, and makes it a bit easier to budget too if you prefer using whole numbers vs exacts.

Rounding up investments — Similar to the above, if you get into the habit of rounding up your Monthly investments they’ll only compound that much faster. And if you really want to speed things up, use apps like Acorns which will *automatically* round up ALL YOUR TRANSACTIONS to the nearest $1.00 and drop the difference right into investments for you. So every time you swipe your card for coffee or groceries or even your 100th Amazon purchase of the week (hah), you’ll feel a tad less guilty knowing that you’re at least investing at the same time 😉 I banked $600.22 when I first tried Acorns without…

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