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6 Tips to Reduce Anxiety About Debt


Take it from the girl who has been in and out of debt multiple times – the anxiety is real! It can be draining, and it can be difficult to manage the mental weight of debt. Sometimes, it’s easy to just throw in the towel and accept that your debt will always be there. Please don’t let that be you. You can get rid of your debt. While it might not happen immediately, it is possible.

On the flip side, I also don’t want your debt to debilitate you. I don’t want you to constantly stress yourself into a tizzy thinking about your debt. To help you tame your anxiety from debt, I’m sharing 6 tricks to start implementing. These 6 tips will help you manage your debt-induced anxiety.

6 Tips to Reduce Anxiety About Debt

#1 Separate your personal worth and your debt balance

It’s incredibly hard not to base your personal worth on financial or material things. The society I live in is to blame. We have a direct line of sight into how the wealthy spend their money, and it creates feelings of inadequacy when we can’t compete. This can happen regardless of whether someone has debt. Listen to the CGS podcast episode How to combat the competition mindset For some of the ways that I used the…

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