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Six Essential Mindsets for Continuous Career Growth


I was a teacher, coach, and education administrator for 44 years – 10 years at the high school level and 34 at the collegiate level. I was also responsible for organizing and directing basketball clinics and camps in America and four European countries.

I had the privilege of working with many people who excelled at their jobs, which helped me to have a successful career.

I noticed 6 traits that made me believe successful people excel in my work over the years. These are six mindsets that you can use to excel at work and in your career.

These mindset traits can help you excel in work and life

1. Humility

From their first day to their last day at work, the most successful people I have worked with were humble. People who reached the top in their respective fields of education, medicine, or law were humble. A great leader will be open to learning new things.[1]

People who wanted to do well in their job but didn’t succeed were often the arrogant, egotistical types. This was a common occurrence.

For its 75th anniversary, Fortune Magazine dedicated the entire publication to one concept – decision-making. They interviewed…

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