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Five ways that burnout culture can impact your finances


So I’m going to admit that this article is going to be extremely personal for me. I know that City Girl Savings is a safe and non-judgmental space, but even as I’m writing this, I am nervous about expressing my journey and being so vulnerable. While I was researching and journaling, I became very emotional. I still have to deal with my emotions and heal (my therapist would be proud).

I would like to speak about burnout culture. Burnout has been a buzzword that is on the rise and may have reached its peak in the midst the pandemic. But, basically, it is a state of exhaustion that includes all aspects of mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion. This can cause a loss of motivation for even the most routine tasks in our day to day lives.

However, especially in America, burnout culture can also be the direct result of “hustle culture”, or the “Sleep is for losers, You can sleep when you’re dead, You have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé, There’s always money to be made” narrative that glorifies the nonstop cycle of productivity.

Money can be made. But where does that leave us as a society, though? I found it lead me to a bad and unhealthy relationship with productivity.

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