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5 Things I’d Never Do as a Financial Advisor

5 Things I’d Never Do as a Financial Advisor

It’s time to get up!!

Stumbled across my man Rob Wilson’s Insta feed this morning, and now want to share ALL HIS VIDEOS with you here!! They’re so good!!

But I’ll refrain from blowing up your inbox, and instead just share my two favorites with you today 😉 But be sure to check out his feed afterwards as it’s legit!!

If he sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve featured him here on the blog before, as well as on my old podcast – The M.O.N.E.Y. Show – remember that one?* Here are the links:

  • One-on-One with “Hip Hop’s Financial Advisor” (blog post)
  • Hip-Hop’s Financial Advisor Spills Details on Managing Celebrity Money (podcast)

Rob, take it away! Thank you for allowing me to share these here 👊👊


5 Things I’d Never Do As a Financial Advisor

rob wilson - 5 things i'd never do

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Here’s the transcript, along with my thoughts:

#1. #1.

I don’t want my hard earned money sitting in some account that I’m not going to pay attention to, that’s also limited by the short menu of mutual funds that I can invest in. I would roll the account into an IRA to have more control and complete investing.

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