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30 Non-Toy Christmas Gifts That Will Make Kids Feel Happy


As the holidays quickly approach, you’re probably searching for the perfect gifts for your children. While toys are nice gifts for kids, having something that’s not just for playtime is even more meaningful for your children. How great it’d be to have a gift that your kids could learn something or experience something different with it!

Here’s a selection of meaningful, non-toy Christmas gifts that will keep kids happy and engaged all year.

30 Non-Toy Gifts That Are Meaningful for Kids

From books to clothes to art supplies, there’s something for every kid on this list. So don’t stress, and just pick one of these items; your child will love it!

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1. The Kid-Sized Fox Plushchair

Animal Adventure Orange Fox Soft Plush Children's Chair


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12/06/2022 12.45 PM GMT

For children under 7 years of age, this is the best option

It’s not easy finding the right non-toy gifts for kids at the time…

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