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3 Random Life #Hacks

3 Random Life #Hacks

Three random hacks to help you save time and avoid annoyance and forgetfulness.

Do you do any of these things??

#1. The Trash Bag Hack

You know how every time you have to change the kitchen trash bag it’s super annoying cuz you have to go digging under your sink for the box of them, and then a couple of days later you have to do it all over again?

Although I initially thought I was saving myself some time by removing 6 or 7 bags and tossing them in the bottom, I became frustrated. Last month, I decided to do something about it. The entire roll of bags is at the bottom of my can, lol… I’m not gonna have to do it again now for at least a couple more months! BOOM!
trash bag hack

#2. The Water Bottle / Mowing hack

I thought of this over the weekend and it was a game changer 🙂 Instead of keeping my water in the garage or somewhere else outside to trek to whenever I’m thirsty, I decided to just Plonk it RIGHT ON TOP OF the mower that way it’s only inches from my mouth instead of yards! It saved me time, and I didn’t have to go back to the bottle every time I wanted to drink water. I also drank more water because it was there to remind me! Triple win!
water mowing hack


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