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25 Holiday Play Ideas That Make It More Fun


‘Tis the season to add more fun into your schedule. Holiday season can be a hectic season, with many deadlines to work before (hopefully!) taking time out to enjoy and spend quality time with your loved ones.

My childhood friend and I have been trying to bring more play into our lives ever since Playground To Purpose was created. The holiday season is a great time to add some fun to your life.

This list can be used as an inspiration for holiday play!

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1. Find the best holiday drinks in your area

A good Starbucks holiday beverage is a favorite of many, but you can also find holiday specials at your local coffee shop. Look for the ones with the most unique flavors. Or, if you’re not a coffee or beverage kind of person, try to find the best holiday dessert!

2. Make a themed cocktail

If drinks are your thing, why not make a festive and fun cocktail? It could be even more fun. I’ve seen some fun drink recipe ideas on TikTok. Or, if you don’t drink, make it a mocktail!

3. To smell all the festive scents, visit a candle shop

Bring on all the firewood, gingerbread & mulled wine candles.

4. Host a…

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