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Los Angeles 24 Hours

Los Angeles 24 Hours

Last week I was in Los Angeles for less than 24 hour and it was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t wait to tell you about it. It was a successful trip because I did not have children. I don’t always talk about my travels here unless it’s something I really think you should know about. Even though I only lived there until I was 2, I always consider LA home because both my parents grew up there and my grandparents lived here, but to be honest, I haven’t spent much time there as an adult so there’s a lot to get to know. It’s only an hour and a half away so it’s such a great destination from Utah.

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The most adorable boutique hotel in LA

My work took me to the city for an evening, so I kept everything compact and to my own little area. I picked out a hotel by the event in West Hollywood and though I know LA isn’t technically a great walkable city, I treated it as such and it was perfect! Melrose Avenue was where my event was at Melroseplace LA, so I selected a nearby hotel.

My dear friend, Eva Jorgensen, is a travel nut (she’s currently leading…

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