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2023 Masterlist of Home Goals


It’s that time of year again when I list my goals for the new year. I didn’t do such a great job on last year’s goals (don’t worry…I’m not beating myself up over it, and I’m quite proud of what I did accomplish last year), so only time will tell if this year will be any better as far as goals go. Like I said in yesterday’s post, I almost feel like I could just copy and paste last year’s goals into this post and be done. 😀 But that’s not quite accurate. I did get some things done last year (you can read the synopsis of my last year here), and because of what I accomplished last year, I’m now down to only two rooms — the home gym and my studio. Technically, the half bathroom that’s attached to the studio is finished, but I do have plans to make some changes in there, so I made that room green (in progress) on the floor plan above. So that’s pretty exciting. I’m just down to two rooms. It’s been a very long road to get here, and I’d love nothing more than to end 2023 with all of these […]

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