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20 Small Steps to Get Your Life Together for 2023


It’s almost the new year, and the perfect chance to get your life together – especially during that awkward time between Christmas and New Years, where hopefully you have some extra downtime.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get your life in order, before life feels hectic again and you’re back to work. But it’s also an important time for rest!

So, productive micro-actions for getting life together – at a slow, glacial pace – is where I’m at.

Here are some things I’m doing to get my life together this week. These are just a few of the things I’m doing to get my life in order.

If you need a reset, at any time of the year, come back to this list and choose a few of these to tackle, and you’ll feel put together in no time.

1. Declutter your desktop computer

Sort through those folders. Get rid of anything you don’t need. And make it a better place to look at once you’re back in work mode.

2. Sort your apps

Whether you decide to make your phone all customized (this is a super fun way to do that with the Pinterest Widget) or you just need to organize things better, a decluttered phone is where it’s at. This list can be used to digitally declutter your phone.

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