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15 External distractions that distract you from the present


External distractions can distract you from the present moment and make it difficult to focus. This lack of focus causes you to scratch your head, wondering, “How do I fit in all the things I want to do today?”

Let’s focus on how we can reduce external distractions while improving focus and concentration.

External distractions are external things that distract you from your core business, but internal distractions like thoughts and emotions are within you. Because your energy and time are limited, it is crucial to understand these distractions.

Every day, wake up and imagine you have five gallons gas that you can use any way you like.

This encourages you to think about where you’ll spend your time before you start your day. If you can control your focus, energy and attention, you will be in control of the rest of your life.

15 External Distractions You Should Avoid

These are the most common external distractions examples you’ll be faced with daily. These external distractions can have a compounding impact on you, and cause you to be reactive.[1]

Regain control of one, and you’ll also like to regain control of the others.

  • Phone calls
  • Text messages
  • Social…

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