Home DIY Make these 13 summer crafts for fun!

Make these 13 summer crafts for fun!

Make these 13 summer crafts for fun!

I’ve never been much of a summer person, but seeing my kids out having fun really melts my heart. What else melts my heart? The sun. The sun. The summer is the best time to indulge in fun and exciting crafts. Whether you’re looking for activities to keep the kids entertained or seeking a new hobby for yourself, crafting is a fantastic way to add a personal touch to your summer experience. These crafts can help to keep you entertained during hot summer days and give you creative ideas to enjoy them. Here are 13 summer crafts!

1. Pool Noodle Recliner

It’s hard to enjoy summer without taking a dip in the pool. This DIY pool noodle chair will let you dip your toes into the water!

2. Sponge hat –

A summer sponge crown will help you beat the heat, and welcome the festivities. You can keep cool by soaking them!

3. Watermelon picnic blanket – DIY

Bring the fun of summer to a picnic with a homemade watermelon blanket! Bring along all your delicious treats and relax with a good book or nap under the sun.

4. Beaded Fruit Earrings

The summer is a wonderful time…

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