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11 Reasons I Bought a Cemetery Plot Even Though I’m Still Very Much Alive


“Why did you buy a plot so young?”

“Doesn’t it freak you out knowing where you’re going to be buried??”

“Will you send me a quote I can use in a upcoming article? I recently bought a plot too, but it upset me too much to know exactly where I’ll be so I had my yard worker pick it out for me!”


These were questions an older journalist friend of mine recently asked me after I found out that I bought a lot of stock last year at the tender age 41:)

As hard as I tried to fulfill her wish of condensing all my reasons into a tidy paragraph though, I just couldn’t do it… Within seconds I had over 5 reasons, and then a few more later I had over 10! So instead I shot her the below set of bullet points which I’m turning into a blog post here in case it inspires some of you to take action too.

When you’re done reading this, be sure to check out her article on it! –> Why did I have my yard work helper pick out my grave? Although our opinions are different, we both agreed that the mission was accomplished.

Here are all the reasons I bought a lot at such a young age… Let’s make it a trend!! 😉

Emotional reasons

  • I love cemeteries.
  • I would love to be buried there. People can always say hi to me, so they are always welcome.

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