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10 Screen Time Goals That Will Help You Get Offline And Feel Focused


If you feel like you’ve been less focused or feel like being on your screen is affecting your mental health, it might be time to make a screen time goal.

What is a screen-time goal?

I’m defining a “screen time” goal as a goal that you set around reducing your time spent on your computer or phone. I’m not defining this as time on your computer or phone for work, but more for when you’re using it for mindless scrolling or when you’re on it more than you’d like. Creating phone and technology boundaries can help you to make the time you’re on screens more intentional.

Why set a goal for screen time?

It can be easier to realize your dreams by setting a clear goal. When you have a set plan, it’s so much easier to achieve your desired outcome. If screen time is causing you to be distracted at work or in your life and it’s keeping you from spending your time doing what you love, it might be a good time to set some productive goals around limiting your screen time!

10 Screen Time Goals To Set

1. Get 1 Day Off Every Week on Socials

You could also start with the most popular social app like TikTok and Instagram. Call it “Screen Free Saturday” or “Sacred Sunday.”

2. Improve…

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