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10 Quick Hits and a Newsletter Recommendation

10 Quick Hits and a Newsletter Recommendation


A new client of mine started a weekly newsletter about money tips. I was so impressed by her last newsletter that I stole it to share with you all.

Rita’s been a consumer advocate and personal finance journalist for the past 2 decades, and unlike some of us who tend to get a bit verbose with our tips (*ahem*), she’s great at condensing them into bite-sized nuggets.

Here’s her latest 10 tips – hope a few of them help!


Rita R. Robison Newsletter

#1. You can expect to find discounts on clothing, grills and camping gear starting in October. Do not buy electronics such as TVs, iPhone 14s or laptops until November. Check out this article about the best laptops to prepare for Black Friday.

#2. Flashfoods allows you to save up to 50% on your groceries. It connects surplus food stores directly to consumers. The meat, produce, and other perishable items are near their “best-by date” and need to be picked up the same day. Some stores participating are Family Fare, BG’s, Meijer, and GIANT.

#3. Check out this article to learn how you can cut down on food waste and make money.

#4. Watch out for scams if you want to donate to victims of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico.

#5. Be…

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