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Are you willing to pay $10 or less? Get it.

Are you willing to pay $10 or less? Get it.

The joy of having your money in lock is the freedom to spend extravagantly on the things you love without worrying about it.

(And by lavishly, I mean on anything $10 or less – because frugality 😂)

We make so many dang decisions every single day of our lives, so anytime you can shave off one of them it’s a WIN. Plus, why not splurge a little without over-analyzing every last purchase if you’re hitting your goals just fine?!

It’s pretty amazing what a Hamilton will get you these days too:

  • Coffee? Yum.
  • T-shirt? Wear it.
  • Rings? Flaunt it.
  • Books? The Best!

If it makes me happy or feel good (or look good) – I will buy it every single time and not feel bad about it.

This rule was actually what I used when I found this book in the local book shop yesterday:

gucci mane autobiography

Gucci Mane was probably the last person I was expecting to enter my life, lol, but something about it made me want to pick it up and devour it…. Most likely that pinky band 😎 (Gucci Mane is a rapper famous for trap music – and going in and out of jail/drugs)

That’s what I did. It cost me exactly $10 and I didn’t have to check a budget or anything.

Then, I quickly went next door and ordered $6 latte at the coffeeshop where I sat to enjoy…

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