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10 Crazy Ways We’ve Saved Money Over The Years



Here are some other great ways to save money for them! Courtesy of The Debt Free Guys today which I stole yet again off Instagram, lol…

THERE’S JUST SO MANY GREAT VIDEOS THERE from our community!!  And much faster/fun to digest too – I feel like a dinosaur still just blogging away my thoughts here 😂

But, take a look at which of these you can apply to your own life.

And hopefully it at least includes the first one (hubba hubba)…


crazy ways save money

[Click the video to watch it on Insta (the dancing is spectacular! ;)), or peruse below for their write up + my two cents… If it reads weird it’s because it was shortened for Instagram.]


We’re always looking for ways to cut expenses so we can put the extra into investing to build cash flow.

Here are 10 crazy ways we’ve saved money over the years:

#1. Summer: Naked Sundays Save your money on expensive brunches and entertainment by staying at home. Plan fun activities, stock up on food and drink. [Reminds me of strip budgeting, lol… everything is more fun without clothes on!]

#2. Try to keep it dry for a month. You can cut as high as $400 off your spending and you are less likely to eat out. You have the chance to meet sober friends. [YES! Plus it’s a great break for your health too and shows you can really accomplish…

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